World Be Gone (Single Mix) is taken from the ‘World Be Gone Remix EP’ – out now on Mute.
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‘World Be Gone’ is the second single from the latest Erasure album of the same name, out now on Mute. Buy/Stream ‘World Be Gone’ now:

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  1. The radio pace is interesting but the album version is so lush and expansive and rich. Either way this track has been devastating me for months. Absolutely gorgeous. Love Andy and Vince so much.

  2. No, the slower speed of the original is NOT "much better". This one is. After I´ve heard this version, I went back and forward a few times to hear the difference. I was just craving to hear the chorus sooner and sooner… I do prefer the faster version. And Andy!!! I adore your voice and the way you dance! You´re an Icon! <3

  3. What a fine radio version of this masterpiece. Yes, the album edit is more rich af subtle, but this is a great alternative track. Thanks for both, boys.

  4. shame there is a lot of auto tune on the album. andys voice isnt as strong as it was in the 90s its got a lot deeper and i have noticed he cant reach the high notes anymore and he relies on auto tune to make it sound purer like it used to be. still a good track the

  5. Best song from "World be Gone". But I fear this would also sound too fast without having gotten used to the original version. lenkel is right to say the slower speed is much better.