A tribute to all artists making such nice music and a tribute to all djs putting the pieces together and creating a symphony out of it. And big tribute to spiralhead who made this mix. He left our earth in an early stage. We hope you got a better life now and we will you see soon 😉 If you get inspired by the music… We run a none profit internet radio station. Feel free to visit us at hbr1.com

1. V.A. – Salt Tank | Sargasso Sea
2. CJ Catalizer – 2012
3. Koan – After The Guiding Venus
4. Androcell – Atmos-spheres (Human mix)
5. Cell – Body Temperature
6. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Central Plain
7. Solar Fields – Changing Patterns
8. Solar Fields – Closing The Sky
9. Tor.Ma In Dub – Dubbing The Catalyst by www.PsyNation.com
10. VA – Easily Embarrassed | Aurora And Stor
11. Zero Cult – Eve Of Morning | www.PsyNation.com
12. CJ Catalizer vs. Zymosis – I’ll Be There
13. Razoof – Inhale
14. Compiled by DJ Zen – Lab’s Cloud “WINDS FAIRY”
15. Zero Cult – Insight | www.PsyNation.com
16. Erik Wollo – Land Of Myths
17. Zero Cult – Missing Polarity | www.PsyNation.com
18. Sysyphe – Missing Time
19. The Last Gambit – My Little Bird Died On A Rainy Day

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