Snapchat: lukegawne

Directed, shot & edited by Tommy Jackson

PRODUCED BY: tunnA Beatz

Special thanks

#I #Hate #You

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  1. 2 days later I've probably listened to this hundreds of times. Very underrated. I will be sharing and showing as many people as I can to peep this or share. Good stuff Luke! Hope you can make it to Seattle one day. I'll be First on the VIP ticket list. Haha Much love and respect. Been here since Hell to pay with Crook and am excited for more growth and bangers. FIRE 🔥

  2. Luke this is a different type of song from ya, and it is fuqqin 🔥. One love from Kansas. Keep up the good work and keep dropping the heat!

  3. dude your delivery is so fucking amazing stop auto tuning i get mad man! for real it pisses me off you too good to auto tune your songs dude stop it, it sounds like trash and makes you like a mumble rapper stay real like u allways done and deliver your shit hard as allways man i am scared you gonna become the same like 80% of everyone els out there i cant take that pain no more my fav rappers being flushed out the toilet " dude stop it here stay real your voice is godlike use it my guy! "
    sry the harsh feedback for once but i cant stand by hearing you turn more and more into auto tune -.-