Pet Shop Boys’ 1984 hit “West End Girls” courtesy of A.V. Undercover. I own nothing nothing – all material copyrighted.

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  1. I feel like Gwar can continue without any original members in it. Gwar is more than a band, they're a motherfucking force that will not rest until all life is exterminated.

  2. What happened to that new singer ( the girl ) , doesn't matter , The original Gwar is the only Gwar , they are too mainstream anyhow , its over when jocks , cheerleaders & preppie kids are listening to Gwar
    Keep under ground music UNDERGROUND !!!

  3. im pretty sure vulvatron leaving gwar was the final nail in the coffin. the new album is horrendous. i think it would have been entirely different if she stayed in the band.

  4. I heard long ago that GWAR had already recruited new members in training for every time a member of GWAR died. GWAR was intended to live forever. Here's the thing. If they don't get this fucking useless sex tool to stop sucking cock and stab people like she's supposed to, I'm going to throw her to the maggot and take that shit over. I dug the Oderus tribute off of that Jim Carrol song at the end tho.

  5. Welcome back, its all the the same. Steady, but not old and lame. Did you ever think to miss me? Here's my ass come on and kiss me! A quote from GWAR………….