Pet Shop Boys live at the Savoy Theatre, from 1997 DVD “Somewhere”

01. Yesterday, When I Was Mad

02. The Truck-driver And His Mate

03. Se A Vida é

04. Hallo Spaceboy

05. To Step Aside

06. Go West

07. The Theatre

08. It’s A Sin (i will survive)

09. Discoteca

10. Can You Forgive Her?

11. Somewhere

12. Rent

13. Being Boring

14. Left to My Own Devices

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  1. When I saw the dancer,I felt that the Somewhere shows were the continuation of the DiscoVery tour :/ And I'm not a fan of the DiscoVery tour.Anyway,the song is great.I prefer listen to it with Bowie's vocals,not Sylvia's.

  2. I love the background video running. it looks like a really nice lounge party going on. I love this DVD, I bought it long time ago and still one of my fav.

  3. "Do you like girls or boys?… it's confusing these days…"

    It's beautiful. The transvestite is appropriate for this song, and I think she's fantastic!

  4. PS… THANK YOU for posting this. I love it! What I wouldn't give to have been there to see them. To see the PSB perform live has been my dream for 24 years. In clips like this one it's almost possible to imagine I'm there! 🙂 xx

  5. This will sound blasphemous, but I think Sylvia does a great job with the vocals on this song. David Bowie did make this song almost his own though! May he rest in peace.