“Hallo Spaceboy” es una canción de David Bowie incluido en su álbum de 1995 “Outside” , y se publicó como single en 1996. Bowie y Brian Eno co-escribió la canción.
Pet Shop Boys lo lanza en 2007 en el disco ‘Remix Collection Disco 4″
//”Hallo Spaceboy” is a song by David Bowie from the album 1995 “Outside”, and was released as a single in 1996. Bowie and Brian Eno co-wrote the song.
Pet Shop Boys releases it in 2007 on the album ‘Disco Remix Collection 4 “

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  1. "Spaceboy, you are sleeping now. … But moon dust will cover you …" "Ground to Major Bye bye Tom"
    These lyrics are just unbearable. x

  2. Farewell John Glenn. You are a legend and when I look up at the beautiful night sky I will remember you and your fellow astronauts. I hope you will be reunited with Gus in Arlington.

  3. I can't find the actual music video where David sings it and there's a bunch of footage of old vintage cartoons and people. I swear it was on YouTube, it might have been deleted 🤔