I Do Offer Studio Production Private Sessions online Via Google Hangouts , So If u folks like
Feel Free to Send Email : onlinemusicsessions@gmail.com or visit the website
Harmonica Progressive Psy trance (The making In d Studio with Charlie Aka Tripy )
Short Movie , in the process Of Making A track CAlled Harmonica In Tripy’s Studio , Location Malta
Full Track
DAW :Cubase / Ableton
VSt I : Sylnth /Omnisphere / Dsp Pro / Ableton instruments
Out Board Gear :Nord Lead 2 : Virus B , Virus C .
Release Date : 22nd July. On JOOf Rec

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  1. Liked this
    great vid
    If you could take a look at my channel that would be really nice, I mainly compose orchestral and piano tracks, thanks a lot, Norman

  2. Sometimes there's nothing better in life than a computer, Ableton, lots of equipment and a cup of coffee. Like, I don't need society when I can make myself comfortable.

  3. the virusssssss…i used to have too the C and TI….but I sold years ago, i kept my nord lead 2x which imho is one of the best sounding va ever concevied…i also bought nord lead 4 and A1, they sound great but nl2x is really perfect for psytrance, it has that snappy and gritty character, filter is warm and love the unison….the 4 is quite different too much polished sounding but i love it also.