I added this song cause I have really been energized, every time I listen to this very enjoyable song. I couldn’t believe as great as it is it was nowhere to be found on Youtube. I’m honored to be one to do it. If only Erasure released this as a single…they would begin to have the status they deserve. Let’s just say I think they could be considered: The Princes of Pop. Yes I did just recently think of that.
By request here’s link to site with lyrics:

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  1. One of my all time favorites, thanks for the upload. If you like this song you might like the Markymix version, at the website by that name.

  2. I would like to know who chooses the singles, this is a great song. Waaaaaaaaaaaay much better than Freedom or Moon and the sky. Too bad, Loveboat sunk.. I love ERASURE. Can't wait for the new album "Tomorrow's World" coming this October!!!!!!