I learned how to play this song years ago and only recently began playing it again and just really love the way this song moves over the keys. So I wanted to make a quick video tutorial to teach others how to play it. It’s fairly simple to play and contains some fun, unique chords and chord progressions that can be learned in only a few minutes, depending on your skill level. I try and show each chord and explain what each chord is as well as just play through the song to give you a feel for how this version sounds. As always, it’s probably not note for note. I took some liberties with the way I play it, but all in all I feel like it captures the essence of the song nicely. Hope you enjoy!

E – C#m – E – C#m repeats 4x
A – F#m – A – B – B – B7 – B6
C#sus2 – C#minsus2 – B9sus4 – Bmaj
G# – G#7#5 – G – A – C#m
G#aug5 – G#m – C#m repeats until end
Last chord is a C#madd9

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this tutorial. This was and still is one of my favorites songs ever, and I had been looking for a tutorial like this for years! Thanks a lot!