How to Play “Somebody” Pt.1 by Depeche Mode
Date of Production: August 19, 2020
Ray Luna Media

Contents of Lesson 1:
1. Song Introduction- Chords
2. Song Introduction- Melody
3. Song Introduction- Bass Line
4. Song Introduction- Hands Together Syncopation
5. Verse Part 1- Chords
6. Verse Part 1- Melody
7. Verse Part 1- Bass Line
4. Verse Part 1- Hands Together Syncopation

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“Somebody” Depeche Mode 101 (Live Pasadena Rose Bowl June 18, 1988):

“Somebody” Live In Hamburg 1984:

I do not own the rights to “Somebody”. I believe it is owned by Mute Records, Daniel Miller, Martin Lee Gore, Grabbing Hands. This video is for music and piano education.

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