This version of ‘I Want A Dog’ appeared on the B-side of the single ‘Rent’, released in 1987. It has a lot more relaxed feel to it, compared to the remixed version on ‘Introspective’.
I’ve always loved the fact that the snare drum is a dog bark…genius.

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  1. Which original? The only versions I know are this one (the B-side to Rent) and the remixed version on Introspective. Is there another?

  2. Err, no it isn't. The original version was the B-side to Rent (October 1987). What you refer to as the original was on Introspective, which came out almost a year later (September 1988).

  3. This is my fave, the original 1987 version – that echoey 6-note flourish which starts at 0:15 made me think of many intros to Open University programmes which sounded very similar