Tiësto and Armin Van Buuren with subliminal messages in Trance music Industry. The influence of the Illuminati is increasingly present in the music world by controlling singers who use gestures and symbols of satanic cult. The aim is to influence generations increasingly perverse transmitting false values ​​in a large scale, “sponsoring” constantly agenda of the Illuminati.
IT MAY BE THAT U DONT AGREE WITH IT but what else everybody has its own perception.
▲ ILLUMINATI and VATICAN Secrets ✣ Third Eye & Pineal Gland △ Esoteric Occult Symbolism △ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rOt
▲ ILLUMINATI MUSIC INDUSTRY “TOP TEN” SYMBOLISM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtnp2
▲ ITALIAN ILLUMINATI “MUSIC & SHOW INDUSTRY” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Linvt
▲ MIND CONTROL AND MICROCHIP “the mark of the beast” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6EdP


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  1. weten we ook meteen waarom wimlex en max hem zo geweldig vinden en zulke goede vriendjes met hem zijn en speciaal bij zijn optreden aan lieten leggen met de boot bij hun kroningsdag in 2013.
    illuminati ons kent ons…

  2. 0:11 omg, I thought I was too slow at reading to keep up til I paused it(don't make the captions so fast the viewer has to pause the video!) and read the horrible English if that is what you can call it

  3. People need to stop smoking crack.. stay in school, read books and get a job, stop thinking everything has something to do with Symbolism/ Illuminati geez.. what now? Aly & Fila are illuminati because they’re egyptian and have their celebration show at The Pyramids -> Illuminati? Am I Illuminati if I put my hand against the sun on a sunny day?

  4. Мерзляк А.Г. ББК 27.1я72 "Алгоритм успеха",,вентана-граф????????????????????????

  5. There is a deeper a meaning to trance music than what people think, when you listen to trance music from 1998-1999-2000-2001, look at the names of the artist/groups and the titles of the tracks, an example is Chakra I Am, Lost Tribe's Gamemaster, Quake, The Day Will Come, and there is many more, if you listen to some of these tracks and think of the vocals being just another instrument in the track itself giving the illusion that if the music could talk to you, or become your thoughts, what would it say:) it's strange to think that for some reason the illuminati have some control, because of the symbols that are put into today's music. Personally I think its a lot more powerful than what people know, I'm not really into the Illuminati theory, I'm more thinking Ancient Astronaut Theory, because of some ancient texts describing of a return, and that they will return in a different form to prepare us. That form is music and no one can deny that dance music touches the mind, body and soul and brings people from all walks of life together:) it creates peace and happiness.