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  1. Um MAJOR fan que não sabe que essa música não foi lançada pela Kylie e sim pelo Pet Shop Boys? Ela está na Showgirl e sim, a musica é boa.

  2. i cried  listening to this….. thanx pet Shop Boys, your contribution to music,in terms of innovation, meloies and mature lyrics is really Immense!!!

  3. There out are many assholes, I understand. That is the only reason someone can say this is bad. Meybe I like it or not, but this is masterpiece. If someone cant recognize it, of course, there are too many assholes. We all have to deal with it.

  4. Amazing how profound this song is,how many straight men are late blooming homosexuals and their greatest fear is coming out to their families, hoping they wont be rejected,……………

  5. Absolutely stunning song very emotional its simply butefull from two of the most gifted arrests of all time Neil tenant chris lowe.

  6. In denial, no
    My life's a trial
    I'm not denying
    That every little bit hurts
    It's a problem
    That I'm not solving
    Don't mind admitting
    I feel like quitting this job
    For a while, getting away
    Before it gets any worse today
    You're in denial
    And that is final
    You're not admitting
    You should be quitting
    All these
    Queens and fairies
    And muscle Marys
    The rough trade boyfriend
    Who in his pathetic own way
    Denies he's gay
    Why can't you see?
    This is a fantasy world
    Think I'm going mad
    How do you know if you're
    Going mad?
    Look at me I'm lonely
    Look at me I'm sad
    I'm not denying
    I could be trying
    A little harder
    To deal with some of this stuff
    Know what I'm thinking?
    Less drugs and drinking
    No cigarettes and you'd feel
    A little less rough
    Is that enough?
    My life is absurd, I'm living it
    Upside down
    Like a vampire, working at
    Night, sleeping all day
    A dad with a girl who knows
    He's gay
    Can you love me anyway?