This is the original version of ‘In The Night’ by Pet Shop Boys which is taken from the B-side of the 1985 release of ‘Opportunities’ (which was the Pet Shop Boys first release on signing with Parolophone Records). It has a darker, fatter sound I think, compared to the re-worked version which was on ‘Disco’. Both are very good though.

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  1. If not for opportunities, I would never afford my rent, although always on my mind when I got of at kings cross to do some shopping in the west end, girls want to dance in the night to pay there rent, actually all I need is one more chance to get into show business and please let me in please, it's a sin to lie down so I want a dog. Disco.

  2. great this wasted as a b side and a freebie from the n.m.e magazine should have been a hit in its own right paninaro fits this as well that is cool as well all my family loves the pet shop boys.