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So I had my 80’s playlist on again… I’d actually never heard this song before! I really really liked it so I thought I’d cover it for you guys! 🙂 ALSO in case you didn’t know, I have a new single coming out! It’d mean so much to me if you could pre order it! It’s only 99p but that 99p means so much to the grand scheme of my music as I’m an independent artist. Thank you in advance if you do! 🙂
Happy Saturday guys! If you like it, please share it! Sharing is caring!
much love

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  1. Yeah So , So is ALOT of things we do in life , But Jesus already paid the price so we dont have to , He took the Punish opon himself so we wouldnt be punished , Demona make it appear that were punished but God Jesus punishes no man He already paid for our sin so we dont pay. Realize this and be happy to know Your Lord Loves You Mega Much !!!😊🐼