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For those familiar with Detroit and its long, storied history with electronic music, Kenny Larkin might not need much of an introduction. A native of the hometown of techno, Larkin followed in the footsteps of Juan Atkins and Derrick May and unleashed his first releases on Richie Hawtin and John Aquaviva’s esteemed Plus 8 Records, and later also on Warp, Buzz, R&S, Rush Hour, Planet E and more. After taking some time off to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian in 2000, last year, Larkin released his first production in nearly a decade, returning with a 15-minute belter. Recently, Larkin has finished up a remix with Argentine talent Guti on Cutting Headz and has announced plans to release a new “funky and soulful” album later this year. Now, he’s joining us in The Lab LA and you better not miss it.

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  1. To be honest about Detroit techno legendary djs when they play on a party. It's not only about Kenny L, Derick M, or Juan A, or e.c.t. They play good, dope tracks too, but they miss a continuity.. they miss a clear idea or concept of their sets so they could keep up with the journey to a fusing melting point. 1 hour it's like okay not bad and then i fall a sleep the other hour. Up and down with the emotions and music choice the whole time.. please keep it strait, transparent and smooth so you keep the journey's continuity last longer. Not like mixing one happy track and then he is mixing it with some hard banging stuff which mostly is a hit that the whole world knows that track and it's a secure track for them and then he get out with some sad melo-deep classic track pfff you braking my continuity man. If you want to bang then keep banging if you like to play melo-sad tracks then be a deep-house DJ in-stand. Only Jeff Mills can keep continuity and a clear concept all other Detroit DJs are meh to me. I am so fed up of Detroit so called techno DJs i'd rather call them tech-house DJs

  2. this Kenny Larkin is a satanist most likely a pedofile and rapist if you dont belive it look it gesture up the 666 and the one eye is watching my freinds