Liza Minnelli with Pet Shop Boys Wogan interview

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  1. This is when Neil started losing his hair, but has gone on to grow old very gracfully, infact he chopped all his hair off the year after in 1990 good move as he then combed it all down so U could't tell anymore Genius move I'l do that!!

  2. Results is a fantastic record. I still listen to every track and it's still relevant and edgy. Liza is fantastic of course!

  3. @googee1kdo RESULTS was fantastic and to me is still exciting and wonderful in 2010. A 10 out of 10 pop album.

  4. Would still love to see Liza and PSB perform Losing My Mind and Drop Drop Bombs Extended Mix live in 2011. Then again I'm still hoping for an Electronic reunion…..LOL

  5. I think Liza was at her most beautiful in this era! 'Results' is a masterpiece and the David Lachapelle photography was stunning! Everything worked for that project!

  6. I have to agree with you after this she started having her health issues with her hip and she had them removed and replaced and married that idiot David guess he was riding on her coatails