I like to call it “the most calming set ever”
As always.. drive carefully and come back soon 😉

More good Stuff from Katarakt on his channel.

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00:00 — Tell: Floating Islands
08:00 — Makam: The Hague Soul (Original Mix)
10:28 — Mall Grab: Roadworks
13:13 — See Other: Waitin
15:54 — Francis Inferno Orchestra: Harmony
19:21 — Demuja: Loose Legs
23:00 — Paul Rudder: She
27:49 — Baltra: Tears
34:08 — DJ Boring: Sunday Avenue (Original Mix)
39:01 — Demuja: Move
44:23 — Mood J: NY Vibration
48:40 — DJ Seinfeld: U
54:15 — Cristo: House Of Surf
58:10 — Harrison BDP: Decompression
1:04:13 — Fade Away (Vocal) – Baltra

Movie used: koyaanisqatsi

#Stonerhouse #LoFi #Katarakt

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  1. How the fuck do you get hours of HQ footage from the 70s/80s and recorder in slow mo?? Major respect for the VJ and DJ of this mixes 😉