Losing My Mind (Dance Remix)
Liza Minnelli & Pet Shop Boys
Released: 1989
Written By — Stephen Sondheim


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  1. will he ever have justice done and Scott Walker pretty much the same. Ladies and Gentleman Justice is the thing that we are waiting for. Again we are waiting for justice with songs as usual.

  2. Losing my mind? I guess I have, because until just now, I'd forgotten how much my friends and I loved this!!!
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Brilliant Remix it's so camp! One of My Favourite Mixes I Love Liza Love The Pet shop Boys! Love The Mix I'm in Love!!

  4. Love The remix Love Liza! Love everything about it. Liza is so camp she's so showbiz! stand her on an empty crate she'd do a show! she's fab! xxx

  5. Admit it – we've all been there! And this describes it perfectly. Brilliant song, brilliant interpretation and brilliant remix – thank you

  6. liza minelli lost the plot years ago when she married david guest. she inherited her mum brains not her father marbles. lorna luft her half sister is the more sensible one.