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  1. So many times I was told this in high school "itll happen when you least expect it". 11 years later nothing happened and nothing is new in my life. I'm 25 and I never really talk to girls. I kind of avoided them for a really long time. And every time I see a girl I would like to talk to I tell myself "no" and back away. I'm not gay or anything i just want to see if things will just fall into place on their own. By ignoring everything. Pretending I dont care.

  2. "DEATH comes unexpectedly!!!"= Pollyanna
    my childhood crush…………Haley Mills…………..i saw her in her underwear……………she has a bigger dickdado than me. i'm crushed.
    i saw a little doll at the 7/11 while picking up my mango filled pies. this song came to mind.

  3. my absolute fave song of theirs, gives me tingles every time I hear it. I feel lucky to have been a kid in the 80s listening to all the great music,miss those times😢