Left Upper: Emu EMAX II HD (with choir, JX-8P and DX7 sampled sounds)
Letf Lower: Roland D10
Right Upper: Yamaha DX7
Right Mid: Emu Emax
Right Low: Roland JX8P

*some pro tools DAE latency problems due to realtime reberv fx (it means there was a delay between key on and sound)

Backtrack recorded in Pro Tools and Reason 3.0.


  1. Seriously decent collection of keyboards, I am very envious, but in a nice way.
    I have an Alesis Coda Pro, Yamaha NPV60, and a Roland JDX-i; and currently saving up for a Korg Krome 88.
    Loving your music, and thank you for taking the time to upload your tunes. 🙂

  2. Well played, Sir. Mr. Vince C would be scratching his chin on this sampling..How about back to basics with Witch in the Ditch from The Innocents? For fun of course..


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