Couple of songs that I think is pretty darn aswesome! Please enjoy!

List of songs:
1)Techno Dream Trance – Melody From Heaven
2)Neo Cortex – Elements(Styles And Breeze Remix)
3)Stunt – Feels Like Raindrops On My Skin(DJ Demand Remix)
4)2 Playaz – Tune
5)Styles And Breeze – You’re Shining(HTID Remix)

Trance Dance Electronica Techno Eurodance music mix best of

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  1. 7:00 if you have ever heard of the program FL Studio 9 and you use REFX Nexus 2, you will notice thats the sound or preset called Come to me, thumbs up if you agree, but really good mix!!!!

  2. If you stopped scrolling and started reading this, thanks 🙂
    Guess most of you all are thinking "omg, not a noob spammer, gtfo".. well, I wish I could.
    I don't have many subscribers, nor advertisiments on YT. This is the only way of getting heard.
    Im 18, Techno/ Trance mixer. Listen to my new mix, Dj Argin – World on my acc. Give me a chance, pls!
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