(ARMIN VAN BUUREN, Monster massive) pic from ARMIN’S twitter account
http://twitpic.com/nuuh5 …..
it was my b’day on 1st nov …… it was my 2nd Armin gig in less than 3 weeks…..(1st one in lizard lounge, dallas) [:-)]
u can check those videos too !!

1st song : BT ft. Jes – Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix)
2nd song : Randy Katana – You & I (continues in monster massive part 9)

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  1. dude i was flooring it so hard when armin played.. i missed out thought, barely remember any of his songs playing, his whole set i swear felt like 30 mins…

  2. such a weak ass set!
    lol @ all the n00bs who think it was amazing
    he went mellow after his first half hour.
    JOC tore it up though

  3. Am I just tripping or did they end the night an hour and a half early? what happened to daylight savings time? I checked my time and I had 230 when they shut the main stage down >:(

  4. popular? by this do u mean his own productions or just popular trance songs in general?
    his productions are boring and if u dont think he played bug hits then your stupid!
    symfo,on a good day, you & I,brace yourself all big tracks this year