Made with Magix Music Maker, composed by Marco Zumstein

On this track I tried out some weird effects and instruments. My Computer had huge Problems, when I made this track, so the Audio doesn’t exactly fit to the Video.

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  1. hey man, epic delivery. I don't know what it is but the notes played sound so cool (like m83 oblivion). ! I composed a few in my time, feel free to check me out. Im a freelance artist fyi :)!!!!

  2. try this in flp it s gonna be better, u have so much more posibilities, like maybe 15 stock plugins, much more samples and posibilities to make your own😉.

    u will be better using it😏

  3. Music composition is on point as well as a few custom sound implemented very good bub i like what you did and all i would say is add some vocals in this and it'd be on point this would work well wirh a female vocalist or depending if you add a male voice into cutting it to remix it up through out other than that hell yeah