Welcome back to the second installment in this month’s members only tutorial series focused on making Psy Trance with NI Massive. This week, we look at making an FX loop!

Jonny is back again with some killer tips and tricks! This time he shares how to make a nice Psy Trance FX loop. You can use this same approach to design your own custom sounds, and even to change up other presets that aren’t quite fitting in your projects. Of course, one of the biggest benefits of designing these types of sounds within NI Massive is the ability to assign custom Macro controls to various parameters throughout the synth to change the sound in many, many ways. This means you can reuse the same preset again and again across many different projects, and it never has to sound the same way twice!

Using the modulators in NI Massive to create complex and character rich FX is nothing new to Jonny and he does an excellent job of explaining a few ideas you can begin applying to your own sounds right away. Setting up custom Performers to control the delivery and development of these FX can result in truly unique and amazing sounds that can continue to change and evolve over time. Once you have successfully recreate the sounds shared in this video, you can begin the task of designing your own sounds and applying the same kind of modulation and Macro control assignments to make your very own custom FX loops!

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  1. THANK YOU!!! :)))) I have been looking for this forever! YOU ARE A GOD :))) This is my first subscription to any channel although I had this account for a quite long time 🙂 Please do more videos for Massive and FM8 for how to create psychedelic patches. Probably FM lead like the one you would hear in a dark psy trance? <3 Thank you Mr!