To celebrate 500 subscribers and as requested and since most of my viewers are from India (Yep, 2nd Place) I uploaded One Hour Mix of Indian Themed Trance Music – Volume I. Ten Tracks of beautiful Indian themed trance, ranging as usually from more melodic and slower paced trance trough more dynamic and heavier near the end and finishing with full on morning.

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This video is purely fan-made if owners want it removed then please contact us directly and we will remove it. It never was our purpose, is or will be to offend the culture, traditions and history of countries or regions.

Background: Poonam Panday

All are available here:

[00:00] 01 – Natlife feat Arunima Bhattacharya – Bharat (Eximinds Remix)

[06:52] 02 – Soundprank – Flare (LTN Remix)

[13:44] 03 – Natlife & Beatsole & Arunima Bhattacharya – Raina (Original Mix)

[21:31] 04 – Max Freegrant Vs. Max Meyer & Sound Quelle – Mantra (Original Mix)

[28:17] 05 – Felix Pot – Delhi (Original Mix)

[33:48] 06 – Talla 2XLC – The Realm Of India (Akato Mix)

[39:28] 07 – Great Brothers – India (Original Mix)

[42:27] 08 – Astral Legacy – Agra (Ancient Mind Remix)

[48:59] 09 – Future Disciple, Angry Man – The Smuggler From Bombay (Harmonic Rush Remix)

[56:03] 10 – Indra – Come To India (Didrapest Remix)

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Arunima Bhattacharya:
Max Freegrant:
Sound Quelle:
Max Meyer:
Felix Pot:
Talla 2xlc:
Great Brothers:
Astral Legacy:
Ancient Mind:
Harmonic Rush:
Future Disciple:
Angry Man:

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True Progressive:
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Freegrant Music:
Fraction Records:
Transorica Records:
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Perfecto Fluoro:
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  1. Love the regional twists on the trance flavors. I've been listening to several of your mixes. It's like bringing cultural awareness to the next level. Keep doing what you do! πŸ™‚

  2. really enjoying this tonight… little brain surgery few months ago, sorta bumped my frontal lobe, flooded my mind with the mantras Maharishi taught me, and that sound, especially music, I have been reminded (so glad & grateful to be reminded, of so many, many things), is sublime…

  3. Jewboy is your violin from chandalChina?
    Punch into YouTube issrile Murdabad
    I hate USA uk uno
    Contempt for fbi
    Hatred abject hatred for criminal mormon kirche

    Long live Iran Aryan homeland.

  4. Stop being a stupid person. Their is no trance music in persia, Egypt or any middle eastern country. All these countries are Islamic and trance is alien to the Islam or Christians. Trance is Hindu and Buddhist way of praying whit voice or music in a typical ritem.
    Ask the pope or any mullahs.