The second volume of a Mix of Epic Orchestral Trance Music with a big dose of Cinematic Fantasy touch. Always knew this genres can mix well together.

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9 Tracks of Epic Orchestral Trance Music mixed perfectly so the output is as powerful as beautiful. I chose to label it as trance although I know that this collections of tracks are somewhat between progressive trance, trance music among other styles. Trance though fits perfectly.

All are available here:

01 – Antony Waldhorn – Pirate Bay (Original Mix) (00:00)

02 – Moreno J feat. Magdalen Silvestra – Deep Dark Water (Strange Sound Mix) (05:40)

03 – Alex Wackii – Ode To Felix (Ikerya Project Remix) (13:32)

04 – Frank Dattilo – Braveheart (Original Mix) (21:22)

05 – Antony Waldhorn feat. Michele C – Last Ones Standing (Original Mix) (29:52)

06 – Tommy Johnson – We Are Victorious (Original Mix) (35:41)

07 – Hristian Hristov – The Beginning (Original Mix) (42:24)

08 – Mixail – Ancient Stones (Original Mix) (49:55)

09 – Indecent Noise – Daybreak (Original Mix) (56:17)

Info on Artists:
Antony Waldhorn:
Moreno J:
Magdalen Silvestra:
Ikerya Project:
Alex Wackii:
Frank Dattilo:
Michele C:
Tommy Johnson:
Hristian Hristov:
Indecent Noise:

Label Records:
Lange Recordings:
Arkamoria Records:
Pulsar Recordings:
Entrance Music:
Driftmoon Audio:
A State Of Trance:
Blue Soho Recordings:
Black Sunset Music:
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  1. Hey, I like this music! But, wouldn't you rather sell it instead of putting it on YouTube for free? This music is SOOOOO good, you should get at least 1 million dollars for it. Also, the art work looks fantastic, even though I just don't see how a pirate goes good with this style of music. Ha, ha! I also didn't expect Trance to sound this good.

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