Dedicated to Gala Dali.
From the Parralox Album “Recovery”

Animated by John von Ahlen for Subterrane Records.
Software – Element 3D & After Effects.

Production # PLOX099
Produced by John von Ahlen
Engineered by Juan del Toro
Vocals by John von Ahlen
Recorded at Subterrane Recording Studio

© 2013 Tunecore Publishing
℗ 2013 Subterrane Records

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  1. Great job as usual! I've commented before, I'm in an all 80's pop/dance band here in the states. I'm the singer, but I also can play drums, guitars, bass, keys. Love your sound. I'm a big fan of Depeche, Duran, Howard Jones and such.

  2. You can see us on Facebook. Retrobution is the name of our band. We do all of the 80's pop dance music. We're located in Dayton, Ohio. We try to do everything as close as possible to the original song. How do you capture original key voices or samples?

  3. John, if any of your other work is an indication of what you can do, then you'll probably make SOS awesome. Your Eye In The Sky I bought on iTunes. It's kickass. I hear Ivan Doroschuk of Men Without Hats do it live here this last summer. 80's music is the best decade of music ever created in my book. Since I went from rock and metal to an 80's band, our fan base went up dramatically. Got my wife and family all back into it! Some of the best musicians and songwriters came out of that era. Now it's all auto tuned bullshit. No one is writing timeless classics anymore. What's Britney Spears going to have on her greatest hits album in 10 years? How about Justin Beiber? (Personally, I'd like to knock him out because he's a talentless punk).

  4. Always better to do a cover version that sounds different from the original, especially when you're a band of the same genre. Sounded very good, but perhaps your female counterpart could have added to the harmony for more colour.