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Two legends of their very own league unite for a musical fusion called ‘Firefly’. Paul Oakenfold, who’s ruled dance floors for over 20 years, whether through his classics, remixes or albums, collaborates with UK singer Matt Goss. Matt Goss, ex-lead singer of 80’s pop group Bros., known for their global hit ‘When Will I Be Famous’, smoothens the beats of the true Oakenfold sound with his characteristic voice.
‘Firefly’ makes pop and trance music come together, in a deep, dark but uplifting whole. Danceable, contagious and soothing for the ear. Paul Oakenfold does it again.

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  1. Amazing tune 🙂 Paul once again shows his true talent in producing great tunes. I just love the style of his music. It's one of a kind. He's still my nr 1 DJ and producer. He combines house/trance/proggy music with the unique place – Ibiza. Noone does it better 🙂 Thanks Paul !!!

  2. To few people know GOOD music, Minds raped with mainstream to never hear these wonders! I was proudly raised with Paul's music since 1993 onward…I had an epic childhood knowing I had this music to dream to! Thank-you dad…You may have a gay son but he loves you forever for making me see the true beauty of music!