This short sample taken from a 1998 liveset recording features an early demo mix of ‘All I Need’ – possibly as it was originally destined to sound on the [also unreleased] ‘Avenue Of Stars’ album.

The version of ‘All I Need’ featured on the ‘Out There & Back’ 2CD album was somewhat toned down compared to this early demo yet still retained percussive elements and the short vocal sample.

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  1. Are you sure this track is a mix of "All I Need"? It's really different. Never mind the vocal sample. That vocal sample is from AKAI series so it's not specifically made by Paul I think…
    BTW-I love this track! 🙂 And I think it was probably due to be released on "Avenue Of Stars"… Shame 🙁

  2. Maybe it was more of a precursor track to 'All I Need' … I imagine this version was originally destined for 'Avenue Of Stars' but after the big fallout with Mark Reeder, and to escape the legal wrangle, it had to further evolve into what we have on Out There & Back … It's a shame we know so little about the whole incident!

  3. Interestingly the copyright claim for the video flagged the title as 'Freedom' !?!?! … most of my other videos have been accurate except for the odd remix name.

  4. Hm, well there was some information about the whole split-up with Mark Reeder and MFS in some articles that I read few years ago. I'll try to find it. Anyway , Paul did win on court but decided not to release "Avenue Of Stars". Instead some tracks like "Travelling" and "Vega" ended up on "Out There and Back".

  5. I'm sure of this since Paul on some radio set & interview from Eisnlive service in 1998 played these tracks and said that they'll be on album called "Avenue of Stars"! Track "Mandalay" supposed to be on "Out there and Back" but never made it for instance (a member of PvD team told me so by e-mail)…

  6. So I guess there is a group of these tracks made in period from 1998 to 2000 that were supposed to be on either "Avenue Of Stars" or "Out There And Back" (as track "Avenue" itself) but some of them were released only on "Out There And Back" evidently…