Paul Van Dyk Central Park 8/18/06 U2 Remix of “With or Without You”, I believe done by Nu NRG.

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  1. It's not the Nu-NRG mix, I have that one, it's much trancier. I think I remember hearing somewhere Alucard did this remix, which wouldn't suprise me. Schulz has dropped this mix before. CP was the only other time i heard it live. I love itttt.

  2. just goes to show how big turds who love themselves just cant dance – get out of the gym macho man and get on the dance floor.. he he shamone !!!!

  3. Wow, I remember when PVD used to be cool! I used to love him and went to several shows. Now, it just seems like he still gets to ride the wave of sentimentality left over from the late 90's through, oh, say, 2001.