Paul Van Dyk feat Johnny McDaid – Home (PVD Club Mix)
…the bomb from the 2009 – “Best Of Album”

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  1. I love that this guy can make good trance, and incorporate the powerful vocals and have it not sound like cheese.

    Armin need to take a lesson..

  2. @PitbullHaterNation Armin doesn't incorporate the various forms of traditional trance music into his sets. He plays what we call BONER JAMS which indeed move the crowd and please a wider variety of people. However they often times lack the energy and journey of true trance music.

    I love them both. In my opinion Armin has been playing more of a progressive house sound lately rather than true trance music.


  3. @PitbullHaterNation that is happening cause of us, by voting and not hearing, both dj's are good in what are they making so don't judge by position on top 10 dj's.

  4. This tune should bring the world together it Should be the anthem for World peace and unity!lets spread love, peace, and unity around the world.

  5. I'm with you anguscole1… And I think this tune is already the anthem for World Peace and Unity among clubbers and every fan of PvD… 🙂
    Love & Light… :))))

  6. Ahora es un abuelo y está senil.. porque ni de lejos sigue produciendo lo mismo que el tema de este video.. lamentablemente