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Paul van Dyk “For An Angel” Central Park NYC. Paul van Dyk released his fifth studio album, In Between, worldwide on August 14, 2007. The album, which he created over a three-year period, debuted at number #115 on the Billboard 200 and #2 on the Billboard’s Top Electronic Albums and Top Heatseekers. The album also reached #16 on the Mexican Albums Chart and #5 on the Mexican International Chart. The album was released accompanied by a special edition limited to two thousand copies which included a mixed version of the full album, along with an eight-track bonus CD and an eight-page photo anthology.

Paul van Dyk in El Salvador – The album was produced primarily by Paul van Dyk himself, and features a wide range of collaborators including David Byrne of Talking Heads, Jessica Sutta of the Pussycat Dolls, Ashley Tomberlin from Luminary, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Lo Fi Sugar, Rea Garvey of Reamonn, Ryan Merchant and Wayne Jackson. It also features a vocal sample from Ben Lost from Probspot’s “Blows My Mind” on the song “Another Sunday”. In June 2007, Paul van Dyk embarked on the worldwide “In Between Tour” to promote the album. Paul van Dyk hosts a show on Radio Fritz every Saturday at 20:00 GMT. In his latest gigs, he blurs the line between DJ’ing and live performance engineering by utilizing two 17″ MacBook Pro laptops sporting Mainstage (Logic 8 Pro) and Ableton Live software on both, two MIDI keyboards, enabling a more fully-featured club experience more akin to a concert than a standard night out at a dance club. On-the-fly remixes, mashups and compositions are just some of the capabilities of this new performance method. In May 2008, Paul van Dyk set up a remix competition with digital download network, inviting aspiring producers to remix his single ‘Far Away’ which appeared on his 2007 album ‘In Between’. Paul has recently appeared as one of the DJs at Trance Energy 2009.

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  1. Anyone heard of EMINEM ? Ok,THAT IS PAUL VAN DYK IN TRANCE MUSIC ! He made this Anthem that will last like Anthems last.He is the BEST DJ EVER. If I was EM and have his skills,I would lyrics wise chop their diks and,make them so little ,cuz their ain't nothing than copycats mainstream trash,Yes I'm talking to you David, No You didn't beat the Goliath ,just because your name is saying that but your mind is blind cuz he's still playing you for decades out,so David better be quit because the Real One is playing For an Angel one ! :))

  2. I don't know if somebody of you did notice that he's always smiling and such a great,humbled person.I'm so sad since I heard about his accident of that stage,where he fell 6 meters down-It was not his fault ! He can free move and go wherever he wants on the stage…people don't know the facts,if they would have known it they would never laugh about it or say he should not go there or there…c'mon people it+s not about that !. The MAN WAS FOR 3 DAYS IN COMA ! :(( ,after Paul woke up he had no memory or a sense of himself.Gosh…imagine that!!!! After some time,his memory came slowly back,he had even after 2 weeks or months later a Live act ! He told in a German tv-show (he's a God in Europe as DJ and the BEST EVER !!) Who's david guetta?!? The doctors told him that his chances to become normal are 50% (it means that his brain activities have a chance to reach only 50%,but at this time .. are at the moment at 25%) and its damn hard for Paul to do ordinary things like talking…etc.

    It's so sad….But for me he still smiles,and are more than 25%…but just my viewpoint…I don't know how he's feeling inside.
    You can watch at this link the show where he explained all what happened,just put the subtitles on. I almost cried..cuz he did it too.

  3. Смотрю наверное 50 раз и каждый я в восторге, эти мосты, реки, небоскребы эти кадры снятые дрожащими руками. Столько лет прошло, а я все благодарен Армину за этот клип.
    Я просто рад видеть его всегда. Юра

  4. What happened to trance?
    it became commercial
    Good dj's made their money and fucked off
    now they are producing soundtracks for Hollywood movies. ALL PROSTITUTES