Paul Van Dyk ft Vega4 – Time Of Our Lives
If you like the vocals on this, go & buy Vega4’s new album “You And Others”

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  1. It's pretty crappy that Paul Van Dyk is getting all the credit for this, when he's pretty terrible and just being carried by the amazing vocals by the lead singer of Vega4.

  2. I just LOVE this SONG!!! Everytime I hear it, I never get tired of it. I prefer this version more than the more techno-remixed one, but that one's still pretty good.

  3. this video needs much, much more luv πŸ™ link it and and pass it on!

    It's way too awesome not to change someone's day by you turning them on to one of the most profoundly accurate songs made.

  4. Nice tune…the only thing that distracts me is the sound of what's supposed to be the bass drum. It almost sounds like an electric typewriter. Other than that, it's quite good.