La primera cancion del disco “In Between” solo que en un video de final fantasy

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  1. This has done it for me but mainly its Tiesto, any and all of his music will put me in a tranced state that is soooooooo addicting it uplifts the soul almost to a peak that seems unimaginable 😀

  2. This song is so soothing. Puts me in a good mood regardless of whats going on around me.

    Nice choice of music, did I mention the video is superb as well? Kudos. 5/5

  3. Esta canción tan apacigua. Me pone de buen humor a pesar de lo que pasa alrededor de mí.

    ¿La elección agradable de música, mencioné yo el video es magnífico también? El prestigio 5/5