Album: Seven Ways (1998)….. if you ppl are gonna come on here & try to tell me that this is not the original home, plz restrain yourself from doing so.. you’re just going to make yourself look idiotic…….. :l


  1. THIS IS INDEED THE ORIGINAL HOME… this is the PVD i grew up on… i wish his music still had this heart and soul… politics of dancing vol.1, seven ways, out there and back are all gems… i know some might say "he has to change with the times" or some variant of that argument, but the reality is… seven ways to out there and back to politics of dancing show its possible to grow musically and still make awesome music… nowadays its all about rock pop and vocals with him

  2. You're from Ireland: LOL. America created house, techno, rock n roll, just to name a few…what genre has your country founded? You're probably mad because you're ginger…

  3. and your probably fat and never left your country. inbred. we have irish music , river dance, folk and trad music. you prob never heard of it coz ur too busy listening to lady gaga. well done!

  4. This was, without a doubt PvD's best album, including the remix album that it came with.  To the nubcakes who are saying this isn't home because you are cheese monsters and have no idea what good Trance sounds like, go be cancer elsewhere, you are the reason trance died 10 years ago.


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