Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (Paul van Dyk Remix)
Da Hool – Eichelrück (Thunder Club Mix)
Raccon – From Deep 2000 (Essential Mix)
White Sand – Force Fields
The Trinity Project – Trinity For The Soul Pt.1
Madagascar – You’re Beautiful (Orginal Mix)
Sunscreem – Catch (Red Jerry Dub)
Karen Ramirez – If We Try (Red Jerry’s Dubby Vocal Mix)
Afterburn – Northpole
Plastic Angel – Pascale (HH Remix)

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  1. Quizas nadie vaya a leer esto.
    Solo lo voy a escribir por que realmente es lo que siento,y se que aunque sea 1 persona lo leeira y valdra la pena
    Soy Dj,y he hecho una sesion en virtual dj grabada y
    si tu me das la opurtunidad te enseñare que lo que deseo es que mi musica llegue a otros oidos y tambien puedes aprender como Dj
    quien sea que lo lea porfavor clickea mi perfil y escucha mi musica para que personas lo agan
    presionar un simple boton puede hacer mi sueño echo realidad :), 1000 gracias

  2. Hi, Can anyone help me and tell me what is the name of the song that starts at 12:35!? I really love trance, It would mean a lot to me if anyone can tell me the name of that song. Please.

  3. I remember how hard it was to record a mp3-livestream from radio all night long at that time. 🙂 I managed it somehow, and I'm still loving it to listen to this wicked mix!

  4. I was at this show.  I wish I'd realized how awesome my life was then.  I had no money, no real responsibility, no cares, no clue, no hip hop.

  5. 15 years and no one is able to tell what the 4th track is (apart it being an absolute banger). I wonder if Mr Paul will take the secret to the grave with him… Because I swear I will dig his grave up and interrogate his cold dead body.