Paul van Dyk – Movement
Futureshock – Sparc
Schiller – Das Glockenspiel (Humate Remix)
DJ Erwin – W.E.T
RMB – Deep Down Below (Humate Remix)
Paul van Dyk – Autumn
Resistance D – You Were There (Thomas P Heckmann Remix)
Three Drives On A Vinyl – Sunset On Ibiza (Original Mix)
Yves Deruyter – Back To Earth (Rave Mix)
Taiko – Silence (Club Mix)
Steve Porter – The Catch (Roland Klinkenberg & Danny Bakker Remix)
16C+ – Under 4 Ever (Gil’s Spiritual Remix)
Future – Sound System
Paul van Dyk – Columbia
Paul van Dyk – We Are Alive (Breathless Remix)
Taiko – Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro (Nick Sentience Mix)
Alibi – Eternity (Original IC Mix)
Safri Duo – Played Alive (Sentience Remix)
Sonorous – Glass Garden (Ronski Speed Remix)
Tribes Of Superia – The Invasion (Juan Lopez Remix)
Paul van Dyk – Tell Me Why (Vandit Mix)
V.I.P. 3000 – The Combat
Marco V – In Charge
Hipp-E – Down On Me
Free Radical – Surreal (En-Motion Mix)

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  1. I went to the love parade in 2001, saw PVD do 9 hours in Berlin at Columbia Hall with Nick Warren, Changed my life. (he dropped that Lustral Track "every time i close my eyes" I still get chills…  I am glad to see how many other agree that trance has gone to shit and that there is still support of the classics like this set. PVD Crushes this set.

  2. WTF! Casino! PvD! I was there! I was at every PvD/Vandit night at Casino (and ofc at all his other events in Berlin). Casino was my fav club and my "main base". Went there with my friends all the time and we' had a blast. We mourned heavily when that place closed down. I still have quite some special photos of one of Paul's Casino events. Anyway, I never thought I'd come across a PvD at Casino set all the years later. I'm so glad BBC released this. Thx for the upload!

  3. If you like this set THEN CHECK OUT PvD live from Home in Leicester Square R1 Essential Mix.
    Those 2 sets epitomises PVD @ his best & the two best Essential Mixes. 'Nuff' said………