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  1. TL
    1.BT – Fibonacci Sequence
    2.En-Motion – Truth (Pulser Mix)
    3.DJ Remy – Pumped Up
    4.John Rees Vs. Helios – Beta Blocker (JR Trance Mix)
    5.Darude – Sandstorm
    6.Des Mitchell – Welcome to the Dance (Part 2)
    7.Paul van Dyk – For An Angel (E-Werk Club Mix)
    8.VDM – No Hesitation
    9.Bill Hamel – Perspectives Part 2 (Expansion Mix)
    10.The Infernal Machine – Realistic
    11.Paul van Dyk – Columbia (Original Mix)
    12.Paul van Dyk – Tell Me Why (Vandit Mix Re-Edit)
    13.Paul van Dyk – We're Alive (Original Mix)

  2. this is absolutely the best set that any dj has ever made! and this is one of the reasons why PVD is the greatest, and why we love him so much!

  3. This exact set is what got me into Paul van Dyk and trance as a genre. In the old days my mate had to burn it onto a CD and i and i bought off him for £5 and i have listened to it for the last 17 years.