01 BT — Sequences (White Label)
02 En Motion — Truth (Pulser Remix)
03 DJ Remy — Cousteau (Taste Rec)
04 John Rees vs. Helios — Beta Blocker (Mindworx)
05 Da Rude — Sandstorm (Urban)
06 Des Mitchell — Welcome to The Dance (Vandit)
07 PVD — For an Angel (E-werk Club Mix)
08 VDM — Deflection EP Part1 (Combined Forces)
09 Bill Hamel — Expansion (Vandit)
10The Infernal Machine — Realistic (White Label)
11PVD — Columbia (Vandit)
12 PVD — Tell me Why (Vandit)
13 PVD — Alive (Vandit)

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  1. The first track is actually called "Fibonacci Sequence". Massive tune, even if PvD has pitched it up pretty radically in this set. It's better in it's original tempo and pitch.