this is my own reconstruction of this legendary track by Paul van Dyk, I called it bootleg, to be correct to official rights of the artist of the original record. this track isn’t made for the commercial use.

Hope you’ll like it. it’s for you ;-). thx for the comments 🙂

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  1. This is very special song for me,brought me very special thoughts for a very long time ego.Iam one of us…….Templars

  2. Que bien suena este remix👌🎶📣❤💘ojala y hubiera un video ya saben ahora que están tan de moda las mentadas historias en las redes me late los videos de 《TRANCE 》par una historia whats, instagran faccebook y demás,,,,,🎶👌😍

  3. How to improve something already beautiful. Far too much trance went through a vocal and pop influx. This is a tonic. Pure reasons why one can dance on their own minus stimulants