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Paul van Dyk – Tell Me Why (The Riddle)
Taken from the GLOBAL DVD, Release 2003
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With “PvD//DVD_Global”, Paul van Dyk provides an intensive and breathtaking overview of his extraordinary musical career in the course of the last 10 years. The DVD presents 12 highlights chosen from Paul van Dyks own productions while also offering one previously unreleased track. All tracks underwent a completely new mix in 5.1 Sound before Paul blended them in a 74 minutes DJ mix. An outstanding characteristic of this DVD is the top-class teamwork of everyone involved in the production process. For the realization of this ambitious project, Paul chose the best partners he could find. The visual design was put at hand of Die Gestalten, one of the most renowned offices for communicative design in Germany. Die Gestalten have been specialising in DVD productions and motion graphics over the last few years and, for this DVD, filmed more than 40 hours of video footage around the globe. This material was then carefully dissected in tiny bits and pieces before it was cut together again in a complicated process. The sound design was handed over to Nucleus sound studio Berlin, who started to focus on 5.1 sound productions years ago and have acquired the leading position in this line of business. For the sound production of this DVD, a special event was organized at Berlin club Casino to record an authentic rave atmosphere, probably for the first time ever in live mixed 5.1 sound. This project is a remarkable product for many reasons. First, it’s a powerful portrait of an artist, who travels and works all over the world without losing his modesty. This portrait is even more extraordinary, because it doesn’t focus on Paul’s persona in the first place, but the musician and fellow human being Paul van Dyk in the context of his music – and presents him in constant interaction with the global club and street culture he helped to create. The changing images offer an enthralling mixture of club and party cuts, opposing and complementing global impressions (urban surroundings, architecture, people from different continents, etc.). These other global impressions radiate the same energy and atmosphere as the rave impressions. The image worlds draw their emotive power from the interplay between their global imagery and Paul van Dyk operating as kind of a localizing factor. It is fascinating to discover that people in Tokyo show as much love for Paul’s music as they do in Miami, London, Bangkok or his hometown Berlin.

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  1. Люблю этот трек 🎶🎶🎶❤️🎧👍👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️

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