Paul van Dyk – The Politics of Dancing CD 2


01 Sagitaire – “Shout, C’mon (Coast 2 Coast Mix)”
02 Mirco de Govia – “Epic Monolith”
03 Ralphie B – “Massive (Paul van Dyk Remix)”
04 David Forbes – “Questions Must Be Asked (Magica Mix)”
05 Way Out West – “Activity”
06 Connector – “Interference”
07 Blank & Jones – “Secrets & Lies (Solid Sessions Remix)”
08 Lexicon 4 – “Reach Me”
09 Jamnesia – “Reset”
10 4 Strings – “Into The Night”
11 Active X – “Let’s Go (Vank Mix)”
12 Signum – “In Progress”
13 Walter & Gelder – “Section O”
14 Solid Sleep – “Club Attack (Paul van Dyk Remix)”
15 Guardians of The Earth – “Starchildren (Quasi Dub)”
16 Nu NRG – “Dreamland”

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  1. The ultimate PvD double mix. Arranging a flawless mix of your own mixes is like the Holy Grail of trance. This was 100% the pinnacle of PvD's career.

  2. My best experience regarding pvd was back in 03/04. Since I live in NYC, I had a chance to see him in this club called sound factory was no longer exist. It was an 8 hour set. By the time I came out of the club it was like 8 AM and I couldn't even open my eyes facing the sunlight and my feet were complete destroyed from complete dancing like an animal all night. But hands-down one of the greatest experiences of my life

  3. Remember buying this, great album, pvd was on fire at the time, his sets never disappoint mans still a legend…. Jamnesia reset (56 seconds) mix into 4 strings into the night – EPIC!!!