A British TV advert for Pet Shop Boys album ‘Actually’.

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  1. Yes,that's what I think too,we mustn't focus only on the sexuality 🙂 However PSB are gay,they're the best electronic/synth band,Neil and Chris are very good people,so there's no problem,I don't care if they're gay.I love them so much!Did you misunderstand me?

  2. First love never dies….so true….they are my first and my last love! Never seen this adverts before… but it s typically l them!! 🙂 xx

  3. When I met Neil and Chris back stage in Houston, Texas back in 92? Neil was the most polite artist I had ever met…Chris was something else…he wanted to writ on my face with the marker, cause I accidentally called him Neil…I was just so nervous and excited at the same time, of being with the creates artists in the world. I spend 3 hours with them back stage and it was one of the greatest time of my life…The Pet Shop Boys are the BEST!!!

  4. Why's everyone agruing about whether or not they are gay? First of all, only Neil is gay, not Chris. Second of all, Neil's orientation has nothing to do with the quality of their music.

  5. I'm pretty sure it's only Neil. Unless Chris recently came out and I am unaware of it. But as far as I know, Chris is just a straight guy who's extremely accepting of gays.