This is a remix that I have created myself utilizing both the ‘Album Version’ and the ‘This Is A Dub’ as featured on the Pet Shop Boys – Yes Etc. (Limited Edition – 2nd CD)

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  1. This song just keeps getting better for me! I love this mix! The more I listen to PSB, Yes songs, I find true joy in me. I'm a follower, for sure!

  2. Ahhhhh……this is absolute BLISS!!! You have done a tremendous job of this mix 🙂 I couldn't get enough of it so I downloaded to ipod & have probably played it more than 100 times already! Would have to be one of THE BEST MIXES of PSB I have ever heard. Hope you also do some of the other classic 80s pop such as Bananarama & Wham! You are very talented. Keep up the brilliant work for all who appreciate it 🙂

  3. Excelente melodía,con calidad y  paciencia con los instrumentos electrónicos y otros componentes se hacen bellas artes sonoras, porque  hay tontos artistas que te fastidian con monótonos soniditos que parecen taladros,saludos. excelente creatividad.

  4. OMG! Is this exquisite or what?!?! Another song and reason why I've loved Pet Shop Boys for decades! Totally in love with Neil's gorgeous, delicious voice!

  5. caras muito som , muito som caras . eu# pet shop boys muito caras muito som iii kkkkkkkkkkkk já escutei coisas pior iii kkkkkkkkk ~~~~~~~~~ ~y~