Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing Being Boring (2003 Digital Remaster).

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  1. Жалко,что никто по-рууски не написал для Питера.А он понимает.История группы поражает.Музыка тоже.Помню её с моего времени институтства и магнитофона "Электроника-302",с которым ездил на метро Бауманская в МВТУ. Сколько девиц потрахал, Господи прости…..

  2. This song is timeless. This represents an entire new era, people tha was alive during that era, knows this. It's a perfect pop, lots os meaning.

  3. Essa música é muito representativa pra mim, tocava muito no rádio naquela época, fim da infância, início da adolescência. Hoje eu percebo melhor o quão melancólica ela é, unindo letra, harmonia, melodia, beats. Os caras estavam já nos 30 anos, as gerações novas já podiam estar achando o som deles boring. Pesado. Só ter empatia pra sentir. Pra mim representa um "point of no return", era o futuro e o presente, o que estava por vir? Eu fico tão triste ouvindo essa música, mas não consigo parar, me acompanha durante a vida toda. Isso é um pop perfeito.

  4. When the PSB became famous being queer was a big issue (what with AIDS….)> . When I look at this video it screams queer/gay but at the time it feels like it was just accepted as just a music video, just like the rest of them……………… With hindsight however things soon turn squiffy. I loved this track, along with others that followed the same lines.

  5. Yes I have to agree…. this is their MasterPiece! Brilliant song and Brilliant video by Bruce webber! 10 stars!!

  6. I was 9 when this came out. Have heard it many times but not for many years. Just thought about it sitting in the tub hehe :). Crazy how time flies.