In the first of three videos where Neil and Chris discuss the recent ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ reissues, they recall a productive phase recording ‘Nightlife’ and how set designer Ian MacNeil and architect Zaha Hadid helped them capture the visual aspect of the album in costume and on stage.

‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’ is a landmark series of reissues of Pet Shop Boys’ Parlophone studio albums. Each album from the duo’s Parlophone discography will be remastered and accompanied by ‘Further listening’ albums of master quality bonus tracks and demos created in the same time period as each album, as well as Pet Shop Boys own remixes of their tracks. Many tracks are being released for the first time.

The first three of the ‘Catalogue’ albums, ‘Nightlife/Further listening: 1996-2000’, ‘Release/Further listening: 2001-2004’ and ‘Fundamental/Further listening: 2005-2007’, are out now.

Buy ‘Nightlife/Further listening: 1996-2000’ –
Buy ‘Release/Further listening: 2001-2004’ –
Buy ‘Fundamental/Further listening: 2005-2007’ –

The remastered original single albums have also be reissued on 180gm heavyweight vinyl and have been made available on streaming services.

For further details, including a full track-listing for each of the first three releases, visit the PSB website at:

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  1. I loved this video so much! It's very intresting learning about these new Further Listenings of course, as well as hearing Neil Tennant talk. 😉😍 But my favourite moment had to be when they were talking of unreleased tracks being of "master quality," and Chris saying, "If Neil doesn't like it, then it's not of master quality," made me laugh So Hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😉😉😍😍😘😘💖💙👍👍

  2. The only group that the more they reveal they still hold on to their mystery its the talent on the music and vocals mixed with a lot of creativity that makes Pet Shop Boys the best!!!

  3. I could listen to Neil talk all day,
    And theyre like two old laydies , Neils chatty chatty chatty , Chris get some little bits in now and again. Love this..

  4. I am from Ecuador And i love the Pet Shop Boys the are one of the greatest band the they will be for ever been boring and suburbia and Domino dancing Amdres more

  5. I've always been a fan and collector of PSB albums and singles.  I purchased the early albums with Further Listening when they were released maybe 10 years ago.  I was tickled with the latest 3 and forthcoming 2 but what happened to Bilingual?  I did some research and found one was released a few years back  I'm shocked I missed the Further Listening edition though I have the 2 disc set that was released in 1996.  Is it possible that a Further Listening edition will be reissued again?

  6. The sleeve notes and song explanations are worth the money alone. I'm amazed they carried on where the 2001 remasters left off, similar artwork and text. I have them from back in the day but I just bought all three again and there's great unissued material in the sets. I forgot how good 'Fundamental' is and it's one of their best. Nightlife is not my favourite but the extras are great. Release again, not bad but with 2 CDs of extras you can't pass on it! I can't wait for 'Yes' and 'Elysium' next month!

  7. "If Neil doesn't like it, it's not master quality" hilarious! Love Chris comments and the way they complement each other. Master quality both of them 🙂

  8. Nightlife is probably the first album that I bought myself with my own money. I was a kid at the store looking all the cd's and stuff and I thought I have to buy something. Mom and my bro already left and were sitting in the car waiting me. Then I just grabbed this, Nightlife. I thought it looked funny and at that age I didn't understand much English.
    I just started listening it after a long time and damn I feel it's the best music purchase ever.