The clip from the Cubism DVD of the Pet Shop Boys concert in Mexico City, 2006.

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  1. Poor Diana, some people say it was a conspiracy because she was pregnad by Dodi wich we all know was muslim, and the future king couldn't have a muslim brother, to me it makes sense

  2. Столько лет прошло, а я смотрю это видео и слеза на глазах….Настолько прониконовенная мелодия .Нэйл -молодчина!

  3. Dreaming of the Queen
    Visiting for tea
    You and her and I
    And Lady Di

    The Queen said, "I'm aghast
    Love never seems to last
    However hard you try"
    And Di replied

    That there are no more lovers left alive
    No one has survived
    So there are no more lovers left alive
    And that's why love has died
    Yes, it's true
    Look, it's happened to me and you

    Then carriages arrived
    We stood and said goodbye
    Diana dried her eyes
    And looked surprised

    For I was in the nude
    The old Queen disapproved
    But people laughed and asked
    For autographs

    I woke up in a sweat