Check out all of the tracks in the forthcoming Elysium album release from Pet Shop Boys.
The album is released on September 10 2012 and can be pre-ordered from:

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  1. 3, 4 good songs , but releasing Ego Music and Early Stuff on the album, leaving b sides that could have been number 1 is SHAMELESS, PSB does great music, but somebody else fan would do a better track list and order since Very

  2. Whoever said the Pet Shop Boys were boring, have never seen them in concert. We saw the Pandemonium tour in Atlantic City in a small venue, & it was one of the most electrifying & amazing concerts I have seen since Pink Floyd's last concert.
    You should rent the Pandemonium DVD & watch how they put on a show.
    Elysium is a very mellow side of their music. So don't judge a group by 1 cd.

  3. Elysium.. Like 'behaviour' this album has grown on me, like 'behaviour' this albums maturity will grow with me! What a fantastic album! Xx

  4. The Memory of the future. I dont nou why difikukult it is creative the art, and I remember the different pet shop boys songs, and I wanna say that in this moment more poeple want live "before they are day… ."

  5. It's an amazing album, not boring. The concept is fantastic. Some songs like leaving, your early stuff or everything means something are amongst their most fantastic songs.