The lyrics to Go West by the Pet Shop Boys. I own no copyright to this video.

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  1. 小学生の頃ナックファイブで時々この歌流れてたけど、(together)のところをずっと「ゲベ」だと勘違いしてた

  2. Canciones hermosas por q en ese entonces pensabamos todavia inocentemente q podiamos cambiar el mundo y vivir en paz en este mundo,lamentablemente desde el 911 la humanidad hemos cambiado ,la maldad incrementado ynos importan poco los verdadero valores:(!!!

  3. Go west: cross the iron curtain (1985 !)… but what iron curtain ? There the Pet shop boys made a double-joke "Hey Soviet people, go west, life is better there. " and also "hey, heterosexual people, you shall try to be gay, one day, it is quite fun, too." An inside joke, really. Plus a way of fooling stupid people with a hidden message. For example, an homophobic Reagan supporter would only understand the "Go west" message – to the Soviets, of course !
    In top of that, the song has become a stadium anthem – for soccer, a sport that can be prety homophobic and macho at times. The irony…

    As for the chorus, they are… the Village People, who were masters of double-entendre gay songs "In the navy… YMCA…."